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Missed Periods

Missed periods happen for many reasons.

missed periods

The main common cause is either your are pregnant but it could also be caused by several reasons like




Hormonal imbalances

Serious medical illness

excessive excising

breast feeding

chronic illness

frequently taking medication

Extreme weight loss,

Being overweight, underweight, or experiencing drastic changes in weight.


Missed Periods due to Pregnancy?


Another and most common factor for late periods is pregnancy. Unwanted pregnancy is very challenging especially to women who are not ready to raise children.


Avoid losing your studies or committing suicide because of an unwanted pregnancy. Several options are available for you which range from adoption or we can assist and terminate the pregnancy same day without any complications.


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pregnancy test


Our women’s clinic carters for situations where by you are pregnant and would like to have a safe abortion procedure done same day without any complications. Safe abortion is when a pregnancy is terminated before it results into a child.


The common and safe way to end a pregnancy is by using abortion pills. This type of abortion is also referred too as Medical Abortion. Medical abortion is when two sets of pills are used to end the pregnancy.


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