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Abortion is a procedure needed to end a pregnancy before it results into a child and must be terminated in the first weeks of pregnancy by a qualified doctor with experience in terminating pregnancies.


Safe Abortion clinics Johannesburg is a certified reproductive women’s health clinic offering first trimester medical abortion “The Abortion Pill” and and the surgical abortions at very affordable abortion prices. Counselling, ultrasound and post-abortion services or abortion after-care are Free of charge.


Safe Abortion Starts From R499.

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Women seeking abortion can also order abortion pills to be delivered with instructions and have the abortion process done in your privacy at home under the supervision of the doctor.


Medical Abortion Procedure

Medication abortion or induced-abortion is performed by using abortion pills during the first trimester of pregnancy.


So remembering your menstrual period is very important in order to know what abortion procedure will be suitable at your stage.


On arrival, will shall perform a test to confirm the weeks of pregnancy. The doctor will also talk to you about what abortion procedure will be suitable for you at that particular stage. Termination of pregnancy is your legal right.


Medical abortion requires types of abortion pills in order to end a pregnancy.


The first pill will be swallowed orally and it is meant stop progesterone the hormone is that is needed for your pregnancy to continue. It used to cause and abortion up to week 10 of pregnancy after the first day of your last menstrual period


After 48 hours, the second abortion tablets will be used hence causing the miscarriage.

safe abortion using pills



You will experience cramping, Nausea, fever which will later be followed by bleeding hence ending the pregnancy same day.


Surgical Abortion


Surgical procedure or in-clinic abortion is where by a gentle suction is used to take a pregnancy out of your uterus. (vacuum aspiration) This is the common type of surgical abortion and is performed until about 14-16 weeks after your last period.


Dilation and Evacuation (D&E) is another kind of in-clinic abortion procedure which involves medical tools to empty your uterus. 


The surgical procedure will differ depending on the fetal development process, gestation period meaning dilation it can either be done with or without an anaesthetic. Call our abortion clinic for more information.


Abortion After-care

Recovery after a termination of pregnancy varies from person to person, but you should definitely feel better after a few days.


Take your antibiotics and all other tablets  provided by the clinic and ensure that you get enough rest.


We also recommend starting contraception immediately you get your next menstrual-period.


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